On 20 Mar 2015 you met with the candidates of the main parties and asked questions. We bring you the main questions that you asked the panellists prior to the 2015 General Elections. For official answers to these questions please contact the respective offices.

    A. Energy Costs - You asked

  1. Whether winter fuel payments will be universal or will be withdrawn from some income groups?
  2. Whether it is possible to employ less bureaucratic and less confusing methods for determining eligibility for Warm Home Discounts, Cold Weather Payments?
  3. B. Housing- You asked

  4. Older people do not qualify for low cost social housing unless they are disabled, mentally ill, drug or alcohol dependant.
  5. Do the Panel members have plans to include older people in this “vulnerable group” category?
  6. C. Health and Social Care - You asked

  7. the difference when NHS and social care are amalgamated
  8. any plans to halt the decline in social care provision for the elderly and reverse it
  9. any plans to provide treatment and support for the elderly at their own home
  10. any plans for the adequate provision of mental health treatment to avoid having to wait too long prior to receiving it
  11. D. Travel and Other Benefits - You asked

  12. continued free bus passes for the over 60s
  13. provision of free prescriptions, eye tests, TV licenses, etc for the over 75’s

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