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Thank you Gilbert O'Sullivan for your generous gifts
which will be put into good use in our raffle/auction
at our next open meeting in April 2018.
Thank you for helping us to continue in our mission
as a voice for Swindons’ Senior Citizens.
Norma, Chair SSF


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Community Christmas has a vision that no older person in the UK should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be. We hope that by linking people with their communities on Christmas Day they will create connections that will last into the future.

Christmas really can change lives and we hope we can work together to achieve that change.

As part of trying to achieve that vision we offer a free website listing to anyone doing something on Christmas Day. Last year we listed over 500 activities on Christmas day, which we estimate benefited approximately 15,500 over 75s. With half a million older people facing Christmas Day alone, and many others of all ages, and many of whom are socially isolated during the rest of the year, we need to do more.

We are well into our 2017 process and are trying to ensure that we have as many events and activities as possible listed on our website so that older people, or those that care about them, can do a post code search to find out what is going in their area. Of course loneliness can affect all ages and many of the events we list are for all ages or welcome younger people who might want to help out as volunteers.

Please share this link with your contacts so that anyone organising a Christmas day activity can register their details directly or email details of anything you know about to

We will then contact the organisers to confirm their details and ensure they are happy to be included on the free listings.

You can also take this chance to knock on a neighbours door and get to know them over a mince pie. If either of you would like somewhere else to go on Christmas Day you can do a postcode search on the Community Christmas website to see what is in your area.

News Flash

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness just released a call to action
in the form of a report entitled
combatting loneliness one conversation at a time
find out more

highlights 2017

main news & events

The news of the departure of our patron, Lord Joel Joffe, saddened us greatly. This came soon after a donation in recognition of the forum's continued work for Swindons’ older people ... read more

On Friday 30th June 2017 Robert Buckland MP and Swindon Seniors Forum hosted the first Loneliness Summit in Swindon which aimed to bring together, under a single roof, those who were best placed to tackle loneliness... read more
The SSF loneliness survey was discussed with local politicians and the relevant decision-makers with a view to influencing future decisions. Its findings were also discussed during this year's main event, the Loneliness Summit ... read more
Swindon Viewpoint Community Media produced a promotional video for Swindon Seniors Forum for use at our events and on our website and concentrated on raising awareness of the extent and effect of loneliness.
Our Feb 17 issue features videos on loneliness and depression including AgeUK befriending Scheme ... read more
At this year’s AGM the Management Committee suggested changes to the title and wording of the Equality policy as well as constitutional changes to enable members of the Management Committee to claim expenses. All motions were approved and the document will be updated after the next Management Committee meeting.
The Chair’s 2017 letter outlines the activities of the forum and the Management Committee for 2017, and sets out the planned goals for the near future ... read more

About Us

Swindon Serniors Forum (SSF) is a community organization that promotes the welfare and interests of older people within the Borough of Swindon and at the same time maintain independence from external influence.

We are run by a management committee of elected volunteers and provide opportunities for encouraging older people to have their say and exert influence on issues that concern them. We aim to keep you informed of our work and updated on all local and national issues that might impact on your life.

More about the Forum

The Forum was founded in November 2011 by the late David Brown and Carol Brownlee (read more here) and has continued to grow ever since (read the feature in the Swindon Advertiser). Our most recent achievements include the first Swindon summit on loneliness and the promotional video which we made with Swindon Viewpoint Community Media to raise awareness of the extent and effect of loneliness. Your input is valuable and we look forward to hearing  from you about the issues that matter to you most.

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Whether you are seeking information, wish to share your views or become a member
we look forward to hearing from you

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Swindon Seniors Forum
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The SSF is a member of Age Action Alliance and is sponsored by AgeUK and Santander

Patron: Lord Joel Joffe, CBE

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